Reimbursement for Medicare Part B

If you are receiving a city pension check and both you and your spouse are enrolled in a City Health plan, you will both be reimbursed every August for your Medicare Part B premium for the preceding calendar year. If you have not already done so, please send the following information to the address below. I understand this will be retroactive up to three years.

Make a copy of your Medicare cards to show that you have both parts A and B.

Birth dates for you and your spouse.
Your retirement date
Your Pension number
Name of your Health Plan
Name of your Union
Date of which first Medicare Part B premium was deducted from your Social Security.
Send all of the above information to:

Office of Labor Relations
Employee Health Benefits Program
40 Rector Street-Third Floor
New York, NY 10006
Atten: Medicare Division

Also, you must inform the UFA Security Benefits Fund, phone number 212-683-4723, that you are entitled to Medicare
Part D and they will enroll you in "Silverscript" and pay your Medicare Part D premium.